Endless positive energy.

Katja Rogelj

Katja is our most experienced canyoning guide and passionate to explore canyons in winter fairy tale. She’ll make you laugh even dangling from the top of any waterfall and swimming in any creek in Soča valley. She adores being in nature with you and loves to talk about everything you find interesting.

Tine Stres

Tine is our local rafting and canyoning guide and a true Soča river rat. Everyone excited to experience the most fun rafting adventure tour can always count on being happy in his boat. He’s eager to have you come along to slide toboggans and to jump into creeks, canyoning in Bovec. You’ll meet him exploring nature off season and teaching newbies snowboarding in the winter.

Matej Bajželj

Matej is our shy guy with a black belt karate kid inside – an easy going man with scampy appearance that everyone feels relaxed with. He loves sport climbing, hiking in mountains and snow board touring. He’s traveled quite a share of World’s countries, thus has his bucket full of exciting topics to talk for hours. You’ll enjoy his guidance on canyoning, hiking, climbing, cycling, river walking and snorkeling adventures.

Marko Žerovnik

Marko is an artist and a former flatwater canoe racer – the reliable strongman that amazes with his personality as the inside of his car. He’s our river guide and a handy man, passionate for all water adventures, car tuning events and wandering in nature. In his presence you’ll feel like in a bubble, get the attention you need to master even your first cliff jump to Soča river.