Here your heart skips a beat, your soul jigs and sanity returns.


She though it’s a joke to slide through that bubbly waterfall. Little later we were both soaked and wished this amazing Nature’s playground would never end. We’ll come back canyoneering in Slovenia.



It was grandma’s idea to make an adventurous family gathering on the most beautiful white water rafting river in Europe. Rafting Soca river is perfect for beginners and grandma knew the kids would love it too.



It’s exactly how a relaxing holiday should be. Floating laid back in the sunshine as the breeze is caressing you while eyeing the scenery on a river tubing voyage, the most popular summer white water activities.



It feels like you could just grab a fish but when you reach out they disappear. We followed the fish snorkeling into the Great Soca Gorge and they really know the best get away spots. It’s unspoiled and visited only by privileged few.



My friends literally dragged me climbing and bouldering in Trenta valley but after learning a few tricks it was easy challenging myself. I remember I was so proud I could climb the highest mountain of Slovenia, Mt. Triglav.



Spending a day off biking valleys in Julian Alps was a good decision, because some in the group are active, others easy. It’s funny how no one noticed when the flat paved road turned uphill being so caught up in eyeing the nature.



In Triglav National Park we could enjoy the silence among the sharp mountain peaks. Hiking Alpe Adria trails is a perfect walking holiday and best to connect with the Walk of peace. It’s a perfect getaway all year around.



“We are too old for this!” dad said, but after the guide’s detailed description we were already in the van with the stag ‘n’ hen party. Once in Ucja river dad said they really like this gorge scrambling and suddenly pulled me underwater.



Commercial kayaking tour is the real feel of nature. I tried stand up paddling and jumped of the boat many times, because it is very forgiving. I was the most excited to paddle Soca and Koritnica rivers myself of outdoor adventure activities.


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